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About us

We are ESN, a development studio founded on the belief that uncompromising quality and cutting edge technology put together creates the very best user experience.

We pioneered the development of real-time web and web centric gaming almost 10 years ago and have since then grown from a gang of garage coders into a team of dedicated developers deploying a vast arsenal of tools to get the job done.

In 2008 we put our experience and tools together and created Planet, a one of a kind framework for developing, deploying and maintaining real-time web sites. Sonar and Beaconpush were soon to follow.

Located in downtown Uppsala (Sweden) we now muscle 20 developers, system architects and designers situated in spacious offices.

We stay hungry through an open minded and an informal corporate culture always keen to learn about new ideas and technology. Everything we do is put to the test at our company wide Hackathons and we share as well as learn from hosting recurring Tech Talks.

The team
Oskar GabrielsonMartin HesslowJonas TärnströmCarl ByströmMattias HanssonMarkus ThurlinHåkan RosenhornMicael SjölundMarkus KristoRonnie KolehmainenJohan AnderssonTobias AdlerFilip SöderholmJoakim HamrénJojje DalundeDominik RaskKasper SandinLina VasterssonTomas JoginMarcus Ekwall