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Battlelog for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is the first triple A title to blend pre and post game interactions with the web using Battlelog.

On Battlelog players use a web browser to interact with their friends, follow their progression and to launch the game. The web browser is a seamless part of the game allowing many traditional in-game features to be moved to the web, such as:

  • Web based matchmaking and online events
  • Friend centric game browser
  • Chat and VoIP in the comcenter
  • Player profiles and activity feeds
  • Web launched gameplay
  • Cloud stored save games and settings
  • Game configuration dialogs
  • Statistics and game progress
  • All in-game menus (except the HUD)

The ESN team has, together with the EA DICE web team, been responsible for concept-, functional- and usability design as well as development of the following services:

  • Drop Zones real-time drag-and-drop invites to chats, game servers, gathers and other social activities
  • Web voice a web implementation of the seamlessly integrated voice solution between the game the web, the back-end, and also the API for the voice support in the game
  • Com Center a central game hub for all the Battlefield games with real-time events, chats, group chats, voice and instant click-to-join a friend functionality
  • Chat a real-time web chat system, with group chat support, for all friends and Platoon members
  • Locust a load testing tool to simulate over a million concurrent users on a website
  • Forums scalable forums, connected to the feeds and other social data on the Battlelog
  • Post-game stats real-time push functionality and web concept design of end of round reports
  • Blogs a blog system with real-time comments connected to the feed systems
  • Web launching of the game the concept and the web browser plugins that are used for launching the Battlefield 3 game from the web that creates the zero loading screen experience
  • Platoon Badge creator a web based Platoon badge creation system where users can draw and create their own Platoon badges by just using their browser and HTML5 technologies
  • Battle feed a real-time, scalable feed system that intelligently groups, filters game actitives from your friends
  • Game Manager a web based game managing system that checks for web plugin and game updates, and updates these accordingly
  • Ping a web based ping implementation that shows the best local servers in the Server Browser
  • Server Browser a revolutionary way of showing game servers on the web. ESN has developed the front-end and search engine for game servers
  • Social Stats comparison functionality between friends and foes on the web
  • Social leaderboards a new way of presenting relevant, social leaderboards with the data you care about, connected to your friends
  • Administration interface detailed administration interface for community managers, support staff and operations team to monitor and administer the site
Launch date
October 2011
PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Mobile
Key metrics
26+ million sold copies in the Battlefield franchise