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Our studio mission

Develop awesome web experiences using our products Planet, Beaconpush and Sonar

We believe that Emotional and Entertaining content – such as games, music and movies – is social by nature and that people want to share and consume that content together using the web.

Once you share and consume interactive content the web also needs to be interactive. Using our Planet technology ESN has pioneered the development of real-time web and social entertainment making it our business and our mission.

Read more about how we’ve helped our customers apply the concepts of real-time web and social content to gaming.

How we work

This is our successful working process from start to finish
1. Concept
  • Service concept
  • Functional scope
  • UI design
2. Development
  • Basic features
  • Game integration
3. Iteration
  • Feature improvements
  • UI improvements
  • New features
4. Scaling
  • Performance optimization
  • Deployment architecture
  • Load tests
5. Launch
  • Beta and market launch
  • Operations monitoring
  • Further development & SLA

We’ve evolved a lean iterative development process well suited for the very nature of the agile web industry. Armed with our web framework Planet our development teams by far outpace a typical mixed-experienced team of developers using a mixed-tool approach.

Forming a close partnership with our customers our development process stretches planing stages all the way down to release. Most commonly we commit to a turn-key delivery model including training and gradual hand-off to our customer’s own web team. ESN will remain available for expert consulting and post launch support.

Incorporated into our development process is a pragmatic approach for scaling and maintaining huge website roll-outs. We do this through testing and traffic simulations, making the launch successful before it’s due.